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Fox Organic: 100% Non-toxic, Enjoy Glamor without any of the Guilt
100% Toxin-Free products because you deserve a polish that won't hurt you or the planet.
Fox Organic: 100% Non-toxic, Enjoy Glamor without any of the Guilt
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Eco-friendly Soy Polish Remover with Tea Tree Essential Oil

A 2-in-1 product, this remover and non-acetone, which allows the product to allow your nails to remain hydrated and healthy even after removing nail polish. Moreover, this polish is even more useful with avocado essential oil and certain vitamins (including A, C, and E) as additives.

| Plant-Based | Vegan | Gluten-Free | Paraben-Free |Phthalate-Free | Sulfate-Free | Fragrance-Free | Acrylate-Free | Glycol-Free | Mineral Oil-Free | Petrolatum-Free | Animal Byproduct-Free | Mica-Free | Talc-Free | Silicone-Free | Packaged in Glass | Made in USA

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A new era of nail products that are ethically sourced with quality ingredients is upon us.

This product was created and tested keeping in mind the requirements of nail polish users. That’s why it is composed of natural oils that do not dry out your nails. Rather, the use of this remover provides refreshment and ease to your makeup removal schedule.
It’s easy. It’s useful. And, most of all, it’s healthy! You can try out that brilliant new nail color you want without worrying about wearing out your nails. Why compromise health for beauty when you can have both? Let us take care of your body for you.
Step 1
First, clean your nails and apply the remover. Let it rest for around 30 seconds so it can be absorbed.
Step 2
Next, use a cotton ball to sweep off the nail polish from top to bottom, beginning from the nailbed and working up to your fingertip. Rub consistently until the polish is removed.
Step 3
Now, clean your hands, and voila! You’re done.

Clean, safe, natural ingredients

We are free of acetone, nuts, gluten, GMOs, synthetic fillers or additives, artificial flavors or colors, and drug ingredients. Globally sourced, customized in USA



Acetone Free




Frequently asked questions

What is Soy Polish Remover ?

Soy polish remover is a product that not only helps you remove all-natural nail polishes but also keeps your nails from drying out. With this item, there is no need to worry about the risk associated with harsh chemicals (in other nail polish removers) that can damage one’s skin and eyes.

Why Acetone Polish Remover is bad for your nails?
The bad news about acetone is that it can be dangerous to your nails. The good thing? It’s not toxic! But if you inhale or ingest this liquid? Well, the consequences could include dehydration of nail plates and cuticles, brittle/dryness in between layers like skin, and inner lining around each individual finger-or toes niche (this includes having an irritated pigmentation change).
Does Soy Polish Remover naturally formulated?
Globe-trotted for the best ingredients, we are free of acetone, nuts, gluten, GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms), synthetic fillers, or additives; we use only premium quality USA sourced components that meet international regulations such as PABA free vegan products.