Bright Orange

Bright Orange

A tropical adventure begins with pineapple and mango juice, a cold refreshing beverage to cool down while frolicking in the summer sun. This bold orange nail polish provides a beautiful holiday escape.

Reasons to love it:
  • Our nail polish is vegan, toxin-free, created without animal testing, and contains myrrh extract to strengthen the nails.
  • Guilt-free packaging: Fox Organic nail polish is the only polish that comes in FSC-certified paperboard boxes, biodegradable bamboo overcaps, and recycled plastic components.
  • Colors selected by a former colorist for the fashion business that are on trend but still wearable.
  • Fox Organic scientists have developed the safest nail paint formula ever.

Additional details:

10 Free

  • Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, TPP, DBP, Isobutylphenoxy Epoxy Resin, Ethyl Tosylamide, Xylene, and Parabens are now all excluded from Fox Organic nail polish.
  • Certified vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free by PETA.
  • Bambo finish.
  • Manufactured in the USA.
  • Pregnancy safe.

Inquire about caring Fox Organic products in your spa , salon or practice.



FREE OF Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde, Camphor, Formaldehyde Resin, Paraben, Xylene, Ethyl Tosylamide, Toluene, Lead,tert-butyl hydroperoxide
Ingredients Butyl Acetate, Ethyl Acetate, Nitrocellulose, Adipic Acid/Neopentyl Glycol/Trimellitic Anhydride Copolymer, Acetyl Tributyl Citrate, Isopropyl Alcohol, Acrylates Copolymer, Stearalkonium Bentonite, N-Butyl Alcohol, Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer, Benzophenone-1, Silica, Alumina, Trimethylpentanediyl Dibenzoate



Worked great! Color exact to bottle! Long Lasting!

I prepped my nails and made sure to dehydrate them with acetone before starting. I cured each coat (base, 1 coats of Petite Garden color, top coat) for 1 minute. Make sure to cap the tips

Will Vital

So damn cute but they don’t cure!

These colors are so beautiful. I love the consistency that they have and most colors only need 1 coat for the Petite Garden color to stand out! I just wish they would cure. It takes 6mins for it to cure and it’s still a little sticky.

Amber Poff

Quality gel, holds up better than the stuff at the mall

I really enjoy how many colors I have to choose from. This is the 4th set I've done, the colors match pretty closely to the bottle they come in, some just need an extra coat. Pictured: base coat, Petite Garden the color and one top coat

jamie broomhead

Good Product especially if you are allergic to formaldehyde

They have only been on for a few days but I ultimately bought these because they are formaldehyde free, I am allergic to regular gel polishes so these were my alternative. So far I haven’t had a reaction and usually I get one the day after, it’s been 4 days



theyre pretty great although they are tiny they get the job done


highly pigmented & glossy. LOVE!

I really liked how easy it was to apply, the smooth vibrant highly pigmented color, and the topcoats amazing glass-like shine. I want to buy another kit in the same brand. I was doubtful buying this product because the price is so good.

Rayof Sunshine

Great startup kit for UV Gel Paint for artwork.

Great Variety, love the pinky nudes in this for nailbed coloring or a nude set.
Mind you, theses bottles are tiny except for the base and top coat in this set. The colors seem opaque in 2 coats for sure, 1 coat with some colors.

Polish lasted for up to 3 weeks (color applied to polygel based nail enhancement)

Nancy B

Great polishes for doing nail art.

This set is great for someone doing their nails at home, especially for the price! I tend to do lots of nail art on myself, so I needed a set that had a lot of different colors, and polishes that are pretty opaque. For just polishing the whole nail, I usually will need two coats with these, but if I’m doing detailed nail art, most of these colors I can get away with just doing it once and not having to go over it again.


Read first for objective view

So I saw a lot of reviews regarding these not curing, so I was a bit skeptical. The curing takes longer than other gels I have, I usually do 60-90 seconds per coat. Thinner coats is better. When I was doing 30 second coats some of the colors bubbled up on me resulting in a horrid mess each time (not fun to deal with removal with an efile btw).


Amazing quality, variety and price!

The best thing about this product is that there is no odor and even tho the bottles are small they are full and the color goes on very well so you only need 2 coats and some colors only 1 coat. The polish has lasted for 3 weeks until I did a color change and I am sure it could of lasted longer. I also really liked the packaging. It is a sturdy and durable box that has little cut out slots for each polish to keep them organized and protected.

Smith Ardoon

Long Lasting, Easy Curing Gel Nail Polish!

This is my first step into the gel polish world. After overpaying for a salon manicure that lasted about a week, I decided to try doing my own at home. I bought an inexpensive light here on Amazon and bought this kit that comes with everything: base and top coat as well as Petite Garden color to choose from.

Miranda Gouger


I bought both the classic and glitter range sets and let me tell you they are AMAZING! Especially considering most gel polish is 10$/bottle.

Joeed sruff

It's lasting

This is my second application and color. The first one lasted almost 3 weeks. I was dishes and have my hands on water enough that if it was going to lift or chip? It would have. So this is my second color and it seems to be pretty good!! I'm satisfied!! I checked all of the bottles to make sure they had polish in them since the bottles are colored on the outside. They all had it in there. I'd buy this again!!

Tessa Lopez

Excellent product

This product is amazing!!! I love Petite Garden color! I can wait to try them all! :)
I got more gel polish colors from other brands and honestly this ones are much much much better. The Petite Garden color are beautiful and I would definitely buy from this vendor again.If there were more than 5 stars I would give them more!
One of the pictures shows how the gel polish looks after almost 3 weeks on my nails.


Awesome for variety!

This is the first set of gel polished I’ve purchased in general. Own a few gel polished, but I really wanted a larger variety and this set delivered!!!! I knew the bottles would be on the smaller side so that didn’t come as a surprise. Colors are fairly true to the bottle colors.


If you're new to gel give it a few tries!

This a good kit to get started with gel polish. Just be sure to give it a few tries since it may take a bit of work to get it right. With a bit of effort, even if you're not the best at polishing your nails you can get a nice mani with this kit.
The first time I used this, I prepped my nail with regular nail polish remover (which has some oils to keep from drying out your nail) instead of acetone and I applied too much of the top coat and flooded my cuticles. The resulting manicure was too thick and started to lift after a few days.


Great, long lasting gel nail polish

I’m one week into wearing this nail polish while working full time as a nurse. As a nurse, I use my hands all day every day, constantly wash my hands, and put on hand sanitizer all of the time. I haven’t noticed any chips after all that. When I did my nails, I only used 1 coat of the color and it looks great. People keep saying that it doesn’t cure but it does. I cured each coat individually for 3 minutes with a UV lamp. You need to give it time under the lamp to cure. It is also a no-wipe top coat so you don’t need to wipe the tacky layer off. Although the bottles are small, they’re going to last a while. All in all, I would buy this product again in a heartbeat.

Wanda O.

Fantastic starter gel polish!!!

I've been using the gel polishes in this kit for a little over two months now, as I wanted to test out the longevity and color payoff of several of them before posting my review. Overall, this kit is fantastic for someone just starting out with gel and who is looking for a range of colors—you have your pinks, pops of color, and monochromatic accents in the black and white shade. I do wish there were some neutral nude shades, but you can't have it all for only $30! Each shade is wonderfully opaque after two or three THIN coats.

Daniel Wright

Highly recommend!!!!

One of the best shellac polishes I’ve ever used. I’ve been doing my own nails for about 3 years now with using only shellac polishes! With some of the other polishes I would have to do 3-4 coats. This only takes 2, even with darker colors and lasts longer. I even like the smaller bottle sizes becuse you get more color choices. Before finding this brand, I was purchasing the regular size shellacs and having to spend more money to Petite Garden color variety I wanted. I highly recommend this brand!!!



This is the second set I've done with these. I've only used the products in the box, including the primer. I'm pleasantly surprised! Why are all polishes not packaged like this? I love it!! The first set lasted a solid 2 weeks with minimal chipping/ lifting. Today was day 14 & they started to fail on the edges. I was able to peel them off oddly easily. What was left soaked of without an issue. The consistency is perfect, my right hand doesn't look like toddler painted it. There's probably 3-5 full sets in each bottle & Petite Garden color are exactly what they look like in the bottle. I've been doing my own shellac for years & I highly recommend these. Very satisfied with this purchase.

Tessa Lopez

Excellent product

This product is amazing!!! I love Petite Garden color! I can wait to try them all! :)
I bought this product about 7 months ago. The gel polish is very good quality. If you let them cure properly they will last you 3 weeks with no chips (And I’m a stay home housewife that cleans a lot). I got more gel polish colors from other brands and honestly this ones are much much much better.


Smooth polish, lasts long!

This is a great set of solid nail polish! It came on pretty solid (I did three coats for good measure) and it dried quicker than most of the other gel polishes I used. It didn’t start chipping until maybe a week and a half in which is relatively good in my case since I’m not that gentle with my hands. Both base coat and top coat were easy to use as well! My only complaint is that the bottles are definitely smaller than those in your usual nail polish sets.



I love this product! The packaging is of quality and I adore the variety of colors. Each one of them goes on creamy and smoothed it self out to a flawless finish. I am by no means good at painting my own nails especially when it comes to painting with my other hand as opposed to my dominant however, it does not matter when using these gel polishes. It’s really easy to use and quick to dry so I highly recommend this product.

Princess PonyTail

Lasting Color, Easy to Apply, Bye Bye Salon

These nail polishes are now into their second full week, approaching 3 and aside from my nails growing there are no scratches, nicks, nothing which would lead anyone to know they're almost 3 weeks old. Great color choices, I did this as we went to a Panthers game and I get compliments on it all the time. This really is a fun set for the price. The hardest part will be to pick what color to use next


Love these gels!

I love these gel polishes. The Petite Garden color are beautiful. I am very hard on my nails and they last a little over a week for me. They are sticky until you get that top coat on, but then they are shinny and smooth. You do have to make sure when you are wiping the excess of to wipe it inside the bottle because if not it runs out and is a nightmare to get off your hands. I wish I could find the nudes collection because o would love to see how the lighter colors last. But these brights are beautiful. They cure in 60 secs with an LED and 90 secs with UV light

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