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Fox Organic: 100% Non-toxic, Enjoy Glamor without any of the Guilt
100% Toxin-Free products because you deserve a polish that won't hurt you or the planet.
Fox Organic: 100% Non-toxic, Enjoy Glamor without any of the Guilt
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A well-rounded assortment of professional-looking opaque colours, these gel nail polishes are sure to last you long! Their constant use has made my nails thicker, stronger, and more endurant to breakages than ordinary drugstore nail polishes, which worsened the texture of my nails a lot. However, what I love the most about Fox Organic’s nail polishes is how the formula is naturally derived and smooth and lasts me really long with just one coat.
With their affordability and salon-quality finish, these nail polishes are a must-have!❤️❤️
Rebecca Amorin
This brand is surely leading the pack when it comes to non-toxic nail polishes! Very easy and gentle on the nails, Fox Organic nail polishes are gluten and paraben-free, making them highly safe to use, especially for pregnant women and children. Their mascaras also feature the same pros, making them very beneficial for your lashes, with no compromise on the quality!
It was recommended to me by my health coach, and I can certainly say I don’t regret taking that recommendation seriously! Their LED Gel Nail Polishes are long-lasting, and the unique colours give a highly refreshing look overall. To get a perfect manicure effect, I’d recommend getting the base coat and top coats in this great collection.
Samuel Willson
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Sarah Lewin
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Alex Larkins
I love this mascara so much. It goes one evenly. Adds volume and length to my lashes. It stays put all day without flaking and making a mess. It's easy to remove without makeup remover. It doesn't come off when you cry or splash your face with water. You just gently rub your lashes a little and it starts peeling off. I haven't lost as many lashes
Read more about I love this mascara so much. It goes
as I have in the past with other mascara. I am never buying another mascara again!
I basically have no eyelashes… this mascara makes the best of what little I have. Very pleased.❤️❤️
My daughter told me about this mascara. She liked it so much that she gave me a tube at Christmas. I love everything about this mascara but most of all that it does not smudge at all under my eyes. I am 70 years old and have tried many brands of mascara over the years but they all ended up leaving smudges under my eyes, so I was constantly looking
Read more about review stating Zero Smudging - Love this Mascara

in a mirror to remove my raccoon eyes. This mascara goes on easily and stays on until I wash my face. My eyelashes are already healthier as I am not having to scrub and rub or use chemicals to remove this mascara. Last but not least, this mascara goes on easily and looks great
Linda Lewin
I have been an Origins fan for a long while, but am really like this company and this product. I had to get used to the wand as it wasn't as full as what I was used to, but I feel like it conditions my lashes better, looks great, and really important...does not get under (bleed down) my eyes throughout the day. It is kind of weird that it "clumps
Read more about review stating Was skeptical

off" when you wash your face, but that isn't a deal breaker. Wondering how long one tube lasts with daily use..
Alex Parshina

Approval from my eye doctor!

I love this mascara! Recently I went to the eye doctor for a routine visit. After checking my eyes, he said your eye make-up looks great. I'm thinking..okaaay. He must've sensed I thought it was a weird statement so he went on the clarify....Your lashes are long but your mascara is not clumping or flaking. That's important because a lot of eye about review stating Approval from my eye doctor!

ections are caused from eye make-up. Mind you, this appointment was at the end of the day...I had been working all day. I start my days early. I leave my house ready to go at 6:30 am. I am also extremely thrifty. But the price of this mascara is worth it! It's my one small luxury in life!

Jennifer Smith
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Samanta Willson

90% SOLD

I'm still a tiny bit on the fence about this one - it definitely takes a longer time to remove polish than traditional remover, so that's my only gripe. However I'm figuring out that if I leave one finger with a cotton ball to soak while I work on another, it keeps the process moving. It takes some getting used to and there may be times I'm in a hurry that I'd be tempted to break out the acetone, but I think the end result of fingers that feel nourished rather than stripped, and the fact that I don't question what kind of poison in breathing, are strong tradeoffs!❤️❤️

Louise C.


This polish is a really beautiful shade of pink. In a world of obnoxious colors for nail polish and hair, this color is actually soothing. It was described in a magazine as being sheer and almost milky which appealed to me. I did not find that to be true but still, it is quite beautiful and it dried quickly. I did not find that it streaked like some reviewers claimed but dried nice and evenly. I will most like purchase it or another color again.

Ann T.
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Farrel Gulierm


It's like giving your nails a deep rich oil treatment!!!

It may take a little longer to remove your polish, especially other Brands, but consider it part of your healthy nail care.

It smells pleasant, the packaging is pretty and makes a great gift to you polish loving friends!!

Christy M.
Removes polish effortlessly! Very pleasant to use. Highly recommend!
Before incorporating visual aids into speeches, the speaker should understand that if used incorrectly, the visual will not be an aid, but a distraction. Before incorporating visual aids into speeches, the speaker should understand that if used incorrectly, the visual will not be an aid, but a distraction❤️❤️.
Dorian L


I love this hand cream, it feels so nice on the skin (not greasy) and smells amazing!

Alejandra Gulierm

Love this glossy lip serum!! Just the perfect shine and leaves my lips feeling refreshed

Adita W
Fox Organic are quality cosmetics!! Pricey!! I'm delighted to pay the prices for the quality because of the generous contributions that are made for the women who need good quality !! That's The Best Part of All!!!!!
Sarah T.

Love the shade and it leaves your lips soft. It isn’t sticky at all and I like that is goes on really easy.

Michelle O.

Great color and shine

I bought two of these and I love them so far. They don’t get goopy and they last quite awhile. They feel nourishing. I would highly recommend.

Keller T


I’ve bought two sets of three and am working picking the next set! I can’t say enough good things about Fox Organic , the customer service is phenomenal, the customer perks are amazing and the products themselves exceeded my expectations! I bought only OPI and Deborah Lippman for years, and plan on replacing them with Fox oRGANIC polishes! I love that the shades offered match a variety of outfits and outings without being boring. ❤️️

Whitney G.

Great moisture! Amazing color❤️❤️

I was skeptical, as this cost quite a bit. I was impressed with the color, the moisture and how long the color lasts. I will be purchasing more

Afrina G.


I waited a few weeks before reviewing this polish. I wanted to be sure I gave it a fair chance. This is undoubtedly some of the best polish on the market. After I send this review I'm ordering more. The pigment is astonishing. You get what you order. The shine is so intense I've had several people think I had them done at the salon and last but not least, it lasts. No chipping, peeling, cracking etc. I'm blown away at the quality.

Robbin Jackson


The shade is absolutely stunning. When I ordered, customer care did let me know the shade was a little backed up and took care of the concerns I had. Customer service, as a whole, was amazing. They really do care about their customers, which I love. I can’t wait to order again.

Zayd Enam
I love this for everyday wear, just the right amount of color & it actually hydrates! The color lasts about as long as a lip gloss, so not an all day wear & doesn't stay on after eating & drinking; however, this is not a gloss! It is not sticky @ all, just a wash of color w/ hydration. I find the hydration lasts for a few hours so I do reapply throughout the day b/c I am the type that likes constant hydration. When I do reapply my lips are not super dry like I never applied any product @ all, the serum must soak in a bit. I really like this lip serum & the color is fantastic! I will buy this again 4 sure!
Shannon Willson


Make my lips look and feel smooth

Darlene Golmen
I love this product! It's perfect. The color stays on which seems unusual for a glossy lip stick. I love it!!!
Alex Glossy


I first tried Thrive because of the mascara issues I would have with other brands. Without fail, at the end of the day, I would have mascara raccoon rings under my eyelids. With the Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara this has not, not once, been an issue. On top of that, so many people ask if I get my eye lashes done! The other amazing feature of this

product is how easy it can be removed, I appreciate that I can use a mild soap and water to wash it off at the end of the day

Kim S


This mascara does exactly what it promises. My eyelashes are very thin and short. I have tried MANY mascaras and have been searching for years to find a mascara that even hints at what they advertise. I have finally found one that does what it says! This mascara is amazing. I now have "eyelashes". This mascara is a must-have.

Darlene Willson
Your mascara actually made my lashes look longer.❤️❤️
Rachel Ahmed


Such a great long lasting, non flaking mascara.

Kathleen R.


At this price point, I would like it to perform at a higher level. It goes on okay, but to get the extension benefit, many layers must be applied and it seems to clump on the ends.

Helen B


I finally found a lip gloss I can wear. I have super sensitive skin and allergy to most everything in makeup and lip therapy products. I have been wearing the lip gloss every day for about three weeks. I have had no reaction so far. It stays on well. I love it.

Dayan Willson


Polish Ice Kiss

I was surprised and thrilled at the results. First, the polish remover is awesome, a couple of swipes and old polish is gone. Nice scent, too. The base coat goes on well. Polish has a wide brush and color saturated shade. Add the top coat and quick dry drops and my manicure is 2 weeks old without chipping. Ordered three more colors immediately.

Betty L.


Smooth application, beautiful and unique color. And it feels so good to treat my nails to a product that doesn’t damage them!

Anna L

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