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Fox Organic: 100% Non-toxic, Enjoy Glamor without any of the Guilt
100% Toxin-Free products because you deserve a polish that won't hurt you or the planet.
Fox Organic: 100% Non-toxic, Enjoy Glamor without any of the Guilt
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— How Is Fox Gel Nail Polish Different from others?

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— What is the reasons to switch to Fox Organic?

Enter Fox Organic’s women-powered, unique, non-toxic gel soak off nail polish formulation. I have personally worked with chemists for years to develop long-lasting nail polishes that are safe to use. And our extra special formulations are also available in a wide range of colors!

And here’s why you should switch to these nail paints for a healthier manicure experience!

#1 Longer Lasting

Like all gel polishes, these polishes can last for weeks because they contain ingredients that bond to your nails and keep them from getting chipped. These unique gel polishes can last up to 4 weeks without cracking or peeling off. So you can enjoy beautiful, glossy nails the entire month!

#2 Healthy, Non-Toxic Nail Polish

Our nail polishes are unique because they are non-toxic, unlike regular ones, which contain loads of nasty chemicals.
The main ingredients of our gel polishes are:
  • Urethane Methacrylate
  • Photoinitiator
  • Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate
  • And an organic pigment
Hence, they beautify your nails without harming them.

#3 Hypoallergenic

Regular nail polishes can cause allergic skin reactions. But thanks to our non-toxic polishes, you can enjoy healthier nails because our product is hypoallergenic. It won’t cause any sort of skin cracking or allergic reactions, so you can safely apply these without any nail damage. What's more, it's even gluten-free so that Celiac patients can use them as well.

#4 No Smell or Side-Effects

Our nail polishes are free from foul chemicals, and thus, don’t have any pungent smell. And since they are non-toxic and eco-friendly, they don’t cause any sort of side effects on you or the environment. Therefore, our unique formulation is perfect for all skin and nail types. And best of all, our products are never tested on animals.

For any other questions about healthy and clean nail care feel free to reach out

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