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Fox Organic: 100% Non-toxic, Enjoy Glamor without any of the Guilt
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What’s The Secret To Learning How To Prevent Your Mani From Bubbling? Applying Meticulous Layers Of Coats!

It's the weekend, you have your warm coffee mug on the nightstand with an episode of your favorite series waiting to play on Netflix, and your nails are prepped to get a new shade.

The scenario seems pretty relaxing, doesn’t it? But, only till you finish applying the final coat and see tiny air bubbles surfacing on your nails. Urgh, such a mood spoiler!

Well, let’s lighten that mood a bit because, unlike other tedious issues, there is a fix for this one. If you want to know how to prevent your mani from bubbling, keep reading!

Why Do Nails Bubble In The First Place?

Before we move on to the secret behind how to prevent your mani from bubbling, let’s get to know what’s the cause behind these air bubbles bubbling up.
When you start painting your nails in several coats, it’s the drying process that traps the air between different layers and causes the bubbles to form. Ah! Such a buzz kill!
We feel your frustration, which is why we've put together tried and tested remedies for a smooth and bubble-free finish! Who wouldn't like that?

The Secret Behind How To Prevent Your Mani From Bubbling

Prep Your Nails With A Base Coat
Even if your nails are squeaky clean, and smooth, you need to apply a base coat for an even finesse, to begin with. The base coat is a must if you want to prevent your mani from bubbling.

Warm Up Your Polish Bottle
Before application, shake your polish bottle and rub it on your palm to warm up the polish inside. This step will help eliminate any bubbles trapped inside the polish bottle, and you can enjoy a smooth start.

The Thinner The Coat, The Better It Is
When applying that new shade to your nails, make sure both the coats, top and the bottom are thin. A thick topcoat is more likely to cause bubbling, so use it thinly. Also, when you apply the top coat, make sure to clean one side of the polish brush on the polish bottle when pulling out.

Protip: If you seal the polish bottle cap tightly after every use, it will prevent any air bubbles from entering the bottle.

The Layers Take Time To Dry, Give It Time

Patience is key; make sure to give a 2-minute interval between each layer of the polish that includes the base coat and the topcoat. If you find yourself impatient, we suggest you plug in some music during your mani.

Don't Overdo The Process.
The mani process is quite simple, don’t try and push the timeline by using quick-dry oil, leading to bubbling nails. If you want the quick-dry oil to work, give it a few days to absorb fully, and then apply your topcoat. This way, your mani would last longer.

  1. Proper Storage Of The Nail Polish Bottle
If you find your nail polish getting thicker with time, it's time to replace it with a new one.

Also, the storage of your polish matters a lot. If you have stored it in direct sunlight, the polish would be ruined by the time you use it again.

Additionally, air bubbles can enter and make the consistency thick if the polish bottle seal is not tight.

The Final Take
If you've been browsing the internet for tips on how to prevent your mani from bubbling, you have found the right destination, as this article is all about pretty, smooth, and lasting mani tips.

In addition, check out Fox-Organic, they are a health-conscious beauty brand that offers 100% organic and non-toxic products so that you can enjoy the glamor without the guilt.

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