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Fox Organic: 100% Non-toxic, Enjoy Glamor without any of the Guilt
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5 Tips That You Need To Know For
Strong Healthy Nails

Have you ever wished to have healthy nails that are strong enough not to break? We bet!
Sadly, however, things don't work like that. Most of the time, nails are quick to break, time and time again, leaving you with shoddy nail beds and haphazardly nail shapes.
No matter how much you invest your time in taking care of them, you end up regretting it - after all, it's both time and effort that's wasted there! It happens with most of us.
Luckily, we know that the major reason for brittle nails lies behind an unhealthy diet. Yes! Whatever you eat does affect your body in a million ways.
Still, there are multiple other reasons, and here are a few; malnutrition, an unhealthy diet, or toxic nail paints.
First of all (and this is the easy part), you can replace toxic nail paints with non-toxic ones. Simple, right?
On the other hand, since nails require a good quantity of Calcium, it might be possible that you aren't taking enough Calcium in your diet. Bones need both Calcium and sunlight to grow. 
If you are lacking, it's your sign to start taking Calcium and sunlight for strong nails. However, only Calcium does not play a major role in the formation of bones or nails alone; vitamins like vitamin D, B6, B12 also play a significant role. 
To help you out, we've mentioned below some interesting tips that you might want to try. 

Tips For Healthy Nail Growth

  • Increase Intake Of Calcium
Check on your dietary needs. The major reason behind the brittleness of nails lies in the lack of calcium intake, which causes many severe issues, including osteoporosis.
If your body lacks Calcium and vitamin D, your nails will never be able to grow in a normal manner.

  • Switch To A Healthy Diet
A healthy diet means fulfilling your body's dietary requirements. These dietary requirements include fiber, minerals, vitamins, Calcium, protein, fats, water, and carbohydrates.
Ensure that your body is receiving each one of them daily.
With proper activity levels and exercise, a healthy diet can make your nails long and healthier. 

  • Keep Your Body Hydrated
Body hydration is very necessary. Without water, none of the body parts can survive. Since the recommended daily intake of water is 8 to 12 glasses, taking any amount less than that is begging for problems in your body.
Plus, nail plates of a healthy, hydrated human contain 18% water! Lacking hydration can stop nail growth or cause easy splitting of nails. 

  • Use Biotin Or Collagen Supplements
Biotin metabolizes amino acids in the body that help build new cells and repair cell damage. Biotin metabolizes amino acids to form keratin, a kind of protein. 
As we know, protein is responsible for taking care of eyes, skin, nails; protein-building amino acids aids nails cellular growth. People also apply keratin externally, but it is always good to intake supplements that help internal healing. 

  • Cuticle oil massage
Cuticle oil massage on the fingers causes easy blood flow. This blood flow helps the nails to grow fast and strong. People also use olive oils and lemon, but cuticle oil is considered the most beneficial oil for nails. 

The nail bed becomes soaked with cuticle oil, and it seems much shinier and healthier from the outside. While you use cuticle oil, cut out on manicures and only use non-toxic nail paints to protect the nail plates.


Strong nails are a great way to show off beauty and health simultaneously, and it doesn't hurt that they look pretty at a party. 

So why wait when you can start your journey to getting these strong, healthy nails with these five easy steps? 

Good luck!

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