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Fox Organic: 100% Non-toxic, Enjoy Glamor without any of the Guilt
100% Toxin-Free products because you deserve a polish that won't hurt you or the planet.
Fox Organic: 100% Non-toxic, Enjoy Glamor without any of the Guilt
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Pregnancy safe nail polish
*10 Free formula
Pregnancy safe nail polish
*10 Free formula
WITHOUT toxic ingredients like:
1 Formaldehyde
2 Toluene
3 Dibutyl phthalate (DBT)
4 Formaldehyde resin
5 Camphor
6 Triphenyl phosphate (TPHP)
7 Xylene
8 Ethyl tosylamide/epoxy resin
9 Parabens
10 Gluten
WITHOUT toxic ingredients like:
1 Formaldehyde
2 Toluene
3 Dibutyl phthalate (DBT)
4 Formaldehyde resin
5 Camphor
6 Triphenyl phosphate (TPHP)
7 Xylene
8 Ethyl tosylamide/epoxy resin
9 Parabens
10 Gluten
Non Toxic
Gluten Free

Tried, tested, and shown effective

93% experienced harder & thicker nails after 1 month using

Fox Organic nail polish

Results observed in a consumer panel survey on 62 women after 4 weeks:

Our promises

Cruelty free
Made in USA
Gluten free
Environmentally friendly

You're Just Like Us

Our products are designed to become a small but meaningful part of your healthy, joyous life.
Your schedule may be busy, but you’re someone who finds space for calming moments of self-care.

You value the environment, and take steps to protect it in your everyday life.
You have a keen eye for aesthetics, and admire the splendorous things in life.

We believe that makeup should be toxin-free, gluten-free, safe and easy

You can trust us
No secrets
No surprises
No toxins
About us
Our brainchild - Fox Organic; was founded in 2020, in the bustling heart of San Francisco. Once we had some insight to clean beauty, we couldn't help but strive to make our own toxin and 10 free, clean makeup products as well. We believe that getting glammed up, at the salon or at home, is an experience that really should not be tainted with unnecessary chemicals. It started as a small flame of inspiration, but with perseverance, we did it. After 3 years of hard work, our chemists at Fox Organic bring to you 10 free, long lasting, cruelty free and non-toxic products; from nail polish to mascara to lipsticks, we have got it all.
You are important
We value our clients, and we value our planet, which is why we created a product that will not negatively impact either of the two. Our makeup is completely safe to use for everyone and as a plus it is also environment friendly! We even offer one of a kind gluten free lipsticks and mascaras.
So, embrace the glamour and let go of the guilt, we've got you covered.
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This Brand Has Given My Short, Brittle Nails A Glow-Up!!!
A well-rounded assortment of professional-looking opaque colours, these gel nail polishes are sure to last you long! Their constant use has made my nails thicker, stronger, and more endurant to breakages than ordinary drugstore nail polishes, which worsened the texture of my nails a lot. However, what I love the most about Fox Organic’s nail polishes is how the formula is naturally derived and smooth and lasts me really long with just one coat.
With their affordability and salon-quality finish, these nail polishes are a must-have!

Rebecca Amorin
Founder of Rivka
The Perfect Choice If You’re Looking For Something Organic
This brand is surely leading the pack when it comes to non-toxic nail polishes! Very easy and gentle on the nails, Fox Organic nail polishes are gluten and paraben-free, making them highly safe to use, especially for pregnant women and children. Their mascaras also feature the same pros, making them very beneficial for your lashes, with no compromise on the quality!
It was recommended to me by my health coach, and I can certainly say I don’t regret taking that recommendation seriously! Their LED Gel Nail Polishes are long-lasting, and the unique colours give a highly refreshing look overall. To get a perfect manicure effect, I’d recommend getting the base coat and top coats in this great collection.

Samuel Willson
Creative director in DD agency
Didn’t Expect It Would Turn Out This Good!
When my friend recommended Fox Organic to me, I didn’t think that this 100% vegan alternative would give me even better results than the usual chemical-based nail polishes I use. I was, to the very least, shocked. Their nail polishes have a wide range of elegant shades, high in pigment and difficult to fade. The unique combination of 9 active ingredients works to create the look and feel of a gel manicure!
Since I am prone to allergies, I opted for this brand and haven’t been disappointed! Known for being hypoallergenic, Fox’s nail polishes have proved to be very safe for me to use since they lack many toxins. So, if you are someone facing the same issues as me, you should definitely give Fox Organic a chance!

Alex Larkins
Creative director SoSoul magazine
Absolutely Love Their Cruelty-Free Initiative!
After learning how Fox Organic doesn’t test its products on animals and that it’s labelled as ‘Cruelty-free,’ I knew I had to give it a try. After going through the products, I was pleased to find out how racially inclusive it is, as the lipstick shades cover a broad spectrum of colours suited to every skin tone!
Props to this company for being so aware of today’s common issues while simultaneously maintaining the high standards for its products!

CEO of BlueSky LLC